DARPA Selects Numurus’ Smart IoT Ecosystem for Ocean Monitoring Program

January 26, 2019

Numurus’ Smart IoT solutions enable ocean observations on a scale never achieved before.

Numurus has won a $2.3M contract from DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office to integrate its Smart IoT Ecosystem into thousands of satellites connected remote monitoring devices.   While several programs over the past decade have measured the ocean environment on a large scale (>10 km), the Ocean of Things (OoT) program will provide measurements that are orders of magnitude finer (<10m). …read more…

Numurus Takes AI to the Edge

November 27, 2018

Numurus adds VI Smart Solutions’ AI products to it Smart Inspection Ecosystem

VI Smart Solutions has recently launched their Virtual Intelligence Network (VINet) product line for rapid machine learning and machine vision solution development, and teamed with Numurus to deliver those capabilities in Edge IoT and Cloud based applications.  Together, this combined solution will help organizations reduce inspection time and costs by delivering automated analysis solutions for in-field smart sensors and Cloud based inspection solutions..read more...

Numurus Partners with PickNik to Deliver Edge Device Resident User Interfaces

October 25, 2018

Providing Numurus’ Smart Device Customers with a Common System Monitoring and Management Solution

In another step toward simplifying the development and management of smart inspection systems, Numurus has teamed up with PickNik Consulting to create a Resident UI solution Smart Device Platforms (SDP)..read more…

Tim Kearns joins Numurus as CTO

July 9, 2018

Bridging Edge IoT Ecosystems with a Smart Software Marketplace is at the heart of Numurus’ Growth Strategy

With its Smart Inspection Ecosystem offering well underway, Numurus now looks to develop an Edge Software Marketplace for Edge IoT software.  Tim Kearns has joined Numurus as both CTO and Partner to realize this vision…read more…